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Water seepage and underground leaks are problematic at best, and downright dangerous at worst. And they can hit your business hard, from the cost of repairs and reconstruction, through to the downtime required for a mop-up operation. Prevention is key, for once a serious water seepage problem becomes evident, the damage is usually done.

Sovereign specialises in professional water sealing and damp proofing for the underground mining and civil construction industries, providing state-of-the-art water proofing products and water seepage control strategies. The company also provides expert consulting services, including site analysis of existing or potential water leakage to buildings, foundations or excavations.

Talk to Sovereign about industrial-grade waterproofing, water seal and damp proofing solutions for:

  1. Deep, shallow and open cut mines and mine shafts
  2. Underground dams and tunnels
  3. Waste disposal sites
  4. Concrete roofs
  5. Basements and cellars
  6. Underground parking garages
  7. TBM tunnels

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Mining Application

Water seepage control in deep, shallow & open cut mines.

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Civil Application

Water sealing for underground garages, basements, cellars etc .

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Liquid Rubber