The Sovereign Group is a leading manufacturer and applicator of polymer-based grout systems that provides both proprietary and custom-engineered applications based on 45 years’ underground experience. The Sovereign system improves strength and reduces permeability of granular soils and in broken rock, reduces the flow of water along joints and discontinuances.

Sovereign design and sealing solutions are used for Ground Water Control - Contaminant Containment - Soil Improvement and Void Filling.

The Sovereign Group is active in the Tunneling, Shaft Sinking, Mining, Nuclear Waste and Oil and Gas industries.

Sovereign Remains Committed to its Employees and Clients.

Though the COVID-19 virus has significantly disrupted the lives of people around the globe, Sovereign is committed to continue supporting the health of its employees and providing quality services to clients through the duration of this disruption. We’ve taken steps to support health organizations in their fight to limit public exposure to the pandemic virus, while continuing to offer clients the same high-quality services for which we’re known.

Thank you.