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Underground Mine Grouting, Tunnel Grouting and Shaft Grouting
Pre-Grouting Design

We analyze geotechnical data and reports then design a mine grouting program to deal with the area prior to excavation – mineshafts, declines or tunnels. This results in a stable and dry formation prior to mining.

Remedial Grouting

Sovereign have been specializing in mine grouting with the sealing of water with high flow rates - leak rates of 10000 Lt per minute have been successfully sealed in underground mines.
The NOH2O remedial grout system is considered the most successful sealant technology in the world.

Sovereign's mine grouting technology also excels in conditions where static water pressures are very high - leaks with pressures of 2900 P.S.I. have been successfully sealed.

NOH2O mine grouting sealant technology is also ideal to mitigate environmental releases of radioactive contaminants to groundwater due to its penetrability and radiation - tolerance.

Sovereign is qualified to report to the Mining, Oil drilling and Civil Construction industries.
Our Core competencies

  • To apply our design and sealing solutions with no disruption to our clients operations.
  • To provide our clients with technically advanced quality products and services.
  • To provide mine grouting services complying with all health, safety and environmental regulations.
  • To provide our services cost effectively and without delays.
Our Forte
“The Buck Stops Here”

Sovereign has been referred to as the water brigade of the mining and tunneling industry and with this can-do approach not a single failure has been recorded the past 50 years while operating in more than 30 countries across 5 continents.

The Sovereign Group of Companies and its propriety water control and sealing technology has been the subject of many white papers and conference presentations. Please refer to the “White Papers” page on this website for further details.